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Illinois Facts

Population: 12,815,607 (As of 2017*)
Size and Area: 217,620 square km, 620 km long, 351 km wide
Border States: Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan
Water Resources:
The Mississippi River borders the west with 900 km of shoreline. Lake Michigan borders the northeast with 120 km of shoreline. The Ohio River borders the southeast.

About Study Illinois

With over 175 schools to choose from, and an environment as diverse as the culture, Illinois is a great place to live and learn.


Illinois offers international students an excellent location in the heartland of the United States making Illinois a major transportation hub. With Chicago to the north, and St. Louis, Indianapolis and Memphis to the southwest, southeast and south respectively, Illinois’ international students have the options of using one of four international airports and numerous domestic airports for convenient travel in and out of Illinois. Illinois cities are serviced by hundreds of airlines, Amtrak trains, Greyhound buses and local transportation services throughout the state.

Illinois’ midwestern location means Illinois residents enjoy four distinct seasons of weather; hot summers, cold winters, mild springs, colorful and pleasant autumns. Illinois’ state parks are available year-round for enjoying nature and outdoor recreation through all four seasons.

From the rolling hills and great forests of southern Illinois, vast prairies and fertile farmlands in central Illinois, to the great Lake Michigan and towering skyscrapers of Chicago in the north, Illinois offers international students an excellent location for education and recreation.


Illinois is known as the “Land of Lincoln.” Springfield, the state capital, features numerous historical sites related to Abraham Lincoln’s life and political career which continue to inspire students from around the world.

Illinois is bordered for about 900 km by the Mississippi River, legendary in American commerce, history and literature. Illinois’ location bordering both Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River made it an important destination and settlement site for the earliest explorers of America. Later, Illinois became home to immigrants from many nations, making Chicago one of the most demographically diverse cities in the world. Illinois is the site of archeologically signifi cant areas where ancient Native American communities once thrived. Several unique Native American heritage sites are preserved in Illinois including the landmark Cahokia Mounds.

Chicago, Illinois is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and is the third largest city in the United States. Chicago has produced famous architects and architectural achievements, and offers a beautiful skyline and lakefront, extensive public parks and outdoor recreation, outstanding museums, music, culture, restaurants, shopping, sports and more. Chicago has also played an integral role in global economics and business through the birth, development and evolution of the economic futures and options markets.


STUDY ILLINOIS colleges and universities offer thousands of degrees to choose from, and Illinois campuses range from small private colleges in quiet rural locations to large vertical campuses in big-city settings. Science, business, engineering, medicine and a vast array of humanities offered at Illinois universities are at the top of the ranks. Illinois schools provide the widest variety of universities, colleges and English programs.

STUDY ILLINOIS colleges and universities provide special services to help international students enroll, adjust and successfully pursue their academic goals in the United States.

STUDY ILLINOIS institutions invite you to visit our schools’ websites, or contact us directly to get information about academic majors.

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